High Impact Business Communication

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Without communication skills, even the most skilled professional would find it difficult to progress in their chosen career. Great ideas, revolutionary strategies, and well considered plans must be effectively communicated to add business value.

The MANCOSA skillME, online Short Learning Programme (SLP) in High Impact Business Communication (HIBC) equips students with the skills to create high-impact, meaningful communication with co-workers, clients and stakeholders. Through practical exercises, videos and activities students will discover how to identify their own communication style, the communication styles of the audience and adapt the delivery accordingly.

The online HIBC SLP will provide hands-on practice in crafting persuasive messages, facilitating dialogue and making powerful communications. It will address common communication fallacies and ways to identify where a miscommunication has occurred. The online HIBC SLP will also address issues related to communication in a virtual and global business environment. On completion of this programme students will be able to implement communication planning processes to ensure that every communication is high-impact and well-structured in a digital 4IR space.

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