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10 Weeks

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Price: Rs 35,000

8-10 hours / week

About Data Principles For Marketers

Learn how to collect, analyse and interpret data, and to use the power of storytelling to present and communicate data-driven insights for maximum impact. You’ll also get to grips with visual literacy, work with apps like Excel and Google Data Studio, and create effective, compelling dashboards. 

This 10-week online course is built on data best practices, and will equip you with sought-after skills to make confident, effective business decisions, understand customer behaviour, spot and predict trends, and improve business performance.

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Course Structure of the Data Principles For Marketers

Duration: 10 Weeks

Understand the difference between data, information, knowledge and wisdom; get to grips with the different types of data; be introduced to analytics and visualisation; and
learn about the importance of storytelling.

Learn how data is generated, and best practices on how to collect it (both offline and online). Delve into data integrity – quality assurance, data security and the ethics that govern this discipline.

This module explores context, framing the problem and generation insights. It includes data literacy, from preparing different types of data, to evaluating and managing it. And closes with basic analytics and the importance of relationship building.

Now you’re ready to tackle the more complex aspects, including measures of central tendency and variability, bivariate relationships, prescriptive and predictive analytics.
(Sounds terrifying? Don’t worry – you will be more than ready)

Get introduced to visual literacy, design principles and best practice, and basic tools and visualisation applications that bring the binary code to life.

Take a deeper dive into advanced tools like Google Data Studio, and creating effective dashboards for strategic decision-making.

Understand why we report, and the difference between reporting and analytics. Then learn about the elements that make for a robust report, how to tell stories with data, and how to pitch the story by developing your presentation skills.

The final module covers the principles of moving from knowledge to wisdom, and translating analytics into actions. It closes with business intelligence, marketing and performance management.

Weekly simulations build on each other (scaffold). Together with the final research project,
the outcome will be a new set of skills and the know-how to implement immediately.
(Voilà – a beautiful new skill mastered!)

What you'll learn

  • Analyse and interpret data
  • Translate insights from data into compelling visualisations
  • Tell convincing stories and sell your ideas supported by data
  • Use data to make better decisions

Data Principles For Marketers

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