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10 Weeks

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Red & Yellow Certificate

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Price: Rs 39,000

6 hours / week

About Social Media Marketing

The Red & Yellow Social Media Marketing Course is a 10-week online course. Designed to introduce you to effective social media marketing for your brand or business, the course will give you a practical understanding of the latest in social media platforms, advertising, best practices, tactics, and strategies that you can immediately implement.

Price Rs 39,000

HRDC Refundable

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Course Structure of the Social Media Marketing

Duration: 10 Weeks

• Explain how social media integrates with other channels
• Justify the need for social media for your business
• List the business objectives social media can help you to achieve

• Write SMART marketing objectives
• Select platforms
• List differences between major platforms
• Optimise brand presence

• Explain content marketing
• Create a content plan
• Create optimised content for major social media platforms

• State what kind of objectives can be pursued using social media advertising
• Explain the objectives, ad types, and targeting options available on major social media platforms
• Advertise on social media

• Create a community management strategy
• Conduct reputation management strategies
• Set up social media for customer service campaign

• Draw on different methods of calculating social media ROI
• Use analytics tools for major social media platforms
• Report the right results to the right people
• Optimise social media platforms for the best performance

• Learn the best ways to engage with audiences on the top social media platforms
• Create a social media strategy
• Create best-practice ads to be displayed on the top social media platforms

• Discover how to pick the right test for specific goals and purposes
• Perform conversion optimisation step by step to improve marketing efforts
• Understand the basics of how to approach Google Analytics and some other analytics platform


What makes this course unique?

  • Upgrade your knowledge and skills through highly practical coursework
  • Consolidate or enhance your existing social media knowledge
  • Understand the potential social media holds for personal branding
  • Develop content for your brand and create a content calendar
  • Learn how to implement social advertising campaigns
  • Know how to use all major platforms, including Instagram, for your brand
  • Use social media to gain business intelligence and develop loyal fans
  • Learn how to manage communities and use social media for customer
  • Know how to measure and optimise your efforts using data analytics

Social Media Marketing

Who should take this course?

Study Social Media Marketing

Gain a solid grounding in social media marketing by getting hands-on with a range of tools, platforms, and best practices