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10 Weeks

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Price: Rs 35,000

6 hours / week

About Search Engine Optimisation Course

Websites are ranked and indexed constantly. This is based on ever-changing algorithms that are designed to ensure that search engine results are accurate and value-adding. To get your website to the top of the list, you need to understand how search engines crawl and index your content, how they decide what’s going to be most useful and relevant for their users, based on a number of complex factors. 

Google, the largest search engine, uses a trademarked algorithm which relies on “crawlers” and “spiders” to assign a relevancy score to every website.

Price Rs 35,000

HRDC Refundable

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Course Structure of the Search Engine Optimisation

Duration: 10 Weeks

• How search engines work
• The SEO process
• Factors that affect ranking
• How search engines approach various coding languages

• Best practice for link creation
• The importance of sitemaps
• How user experience ties into SEO
• Potential SEO problems

• The role of content in SEO
• How keyword planning and research feed into SEO
• How to create content for SEO
• How to optimise content for SEO

• How to optimise content
• How to optimise images and video
• How to optimise for local, mobile, social and voice search

• Why links are important
• How links and pages are evaluated
• Basic and content-based link-building strategies

• How to identify common problems
• How to assess relevant SEO factors on your site
• How to present your findings

• Traffic and conversion metrics
• Ranking and search engine metrics
• SEO projects, processes, and outputs
• Trends in search

• How to decide on the nature of your reports
• How to define your goals
• How to define a reporting framework
• How to automate your reports


What makes this course unique?

  • Understand the complexities of SEO, and how to achieve high rankings for your website
  • Know what is required for websites to maximise search engine visibility
  • Gain clarity on the right metrics for measuring your SEO initiatives, and how to distinguish the ‘vanity’ metrics from the ones that truly matter
  • Find out how SEO can help you influence your customers’ buying cycle and purchase decisions

Search Engine Optimisation

Who should take this course?

information technology certificate mauritius

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