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About Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business is a CHE-accredited private higher education institution headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. It is an established cornerstone of the marketing, advertising, design and business industries, teaching its students to think creatively and equipping them with the critical commercial and 4IR skills that they need to thrive in a digital world.

Established in 1994, the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business offers degrees, advanced diplomas, and certificates in marketing and commerce, digital marketing, user-centred design, graphic design and art direction, copywriting, digital content creation, as well as business and corporate offerings. The school also offers a range of popular online short courses and national certificates, and its highly regarded corporate training team works with some of Africa’s most well-known companies to deliver innovative, customised programmes focused around 21st-century skills.

Red & Yellow has deep, longstanding ties with industry and works with leading brands and agencies throughout Africa to ensure its students and alumni are always world-class and work-ready. Its students are regular nominees and winners at local and international awards ceremonies, including the Loeries, Pendorings and D&ADs.

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

We're proud to work with the best in South Africa

Red & Yellow: Online Short Course FAQs

Theory backed by practical exercises to clue you in to industry-necessary tools and practices and prepare you for real industry briefs and contexts.

There are a lot of online courses all promising the same thing, we know. But you want to know what makes us stand out and why you should choose us, read the notes below:

  • It’s about you: our online courses are designed to teach real skills that open opportunities and boost careers and add value.
  • Industry-led: We constantly engage with key industry leaders to assess workforce gaps and topical challenges.
  • Relevance: Course content is always updated in line with constantly changing reality.
  • The human touch: we have course co-ordinators who give you one-on-one support, whenever you need it. You are welcome to pop into our campus and chat to our team at any time.
What’s the difference between Red & Yellow and a MOOC, or Udemy?


The personal touch. There’s a reason why MOOCs/Udemy have dismal completion rates while ours is exceptionally high.
Our Course Coordinators and Facilitators are there to guide, assist and coach you through the course.

R&Y is an accredited Higher Education and Training provider registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

In Mauritius, the Digital Marketing Course is MQA Approved and HRDC Refunded*

Yes, you get a Red & Yellow certificate of completion.

  • R&Y courses are run according to a set course calendar.
  • Courses have a set start date and end date, with specific hand in dates and tutorial sessions scheduled at set points within the course.
  • Research has shown that scheduled courses have better student engagement and completion rates, than courses that run asynchronously.
  • Scheduled courses ensure you will have the company and support not only of our content team and course coordinators, but also of your fellow students.
  • You have regular opportunities to interact with content experts to ask questions, and your course coordinator will be there to help you across the line.

Our courses are run according to set schedules, which means you need to finish within the time allotted for the course.

Why choose Red & Yellow?
It’s about learning that you won’t get anywhere else…

Teaching VS learning

Education is most valuable when it combines knowledge with practical skills and essential human traits – like creative thinking, negotiation, and empathy 

Real-life ready

We update our content constantly to ensure learnings are aligned not only to current industry needs and reality, but also shifts, trends and changes in the world at large

Industry relevance

We are in constant partnership with industry leaders as to gaps, needs, and opportunities for the workforce of the future

Meaningful learning/Highly Employable

Every student, regardless of who they are and what they are studying, must have an enjoyable experience and come out with the essential combo of knowledge and know-how

Intention to make a real difference/add value

To produce highly-employable graduates who have the competitive edge over their peers, the ability to fast-track their careers, and hopefully become the great creators, leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of the future

& Accessible


Which means we’re not only more agile and responsive, but also less affected by political upheavals (like protests and mass action)

& Online Support

Dedicated Support Team

Designed for 21st Century

Focused on preparing humans for amazing careers in the spaces robots can’t invade


Engaging content in digestible modules

You have more questions? Want to get in touch with Honoris Educational Network?



You have more questions? Want to get in touch with Honoris Educational Network?