Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management

Develop communication, interpersonal and financial skills in a way that enables educators to draw from both theory and practice of management.

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of education in Mauritius and elsewhere, leadership requires not just a deep understanding of management principles but also the ability to adapt these principles within an educational context. The Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management from MANCOSA is crafted to bridge this gap, offering a robust foundation in management theory while honing the practical leadership skills necessary for educational excellence. Designed for both emerging leaders and seasoned managers in the education sector, this programme enriches your managerial acumen, enhancing communication, interpersonal, and financial management skills to effectively marry theory with practice in educational leadership.

1 Year

NQF Level 8

120 credits

Supported distance learning

Flexible & 100% Online

Navigating Educational Leadership with Our PGDEM

The PGDEM stands as a beacon for educators aiming to transcend traditional management roles, offering a pathway to innovative leadership in education. Accredited and tailored to the unique needs of the educational sector, this programme emboldens educators to critically analyse and reflect upon their management styles and practices. 

By delving into the core aspects of management and leadership within the educational context, participants develop a nuanced understanding of how to apply theoretical insights to practical challenges, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

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Who Should Pursue the PGDEM

The postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management (PGDEM) is designed for:

The PGDEM not only aims to enhance the managerial and leadership capabilities of those within the education sector but also to inspire a new generation of leaders equipped to tackle the challenges of modern educational organisations.

Entry Requirements

information technology certificate
university in mauritius

Career Opportunities

Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management


The final assessment marks consist of a combination of assignments and examinations.

Programme Structure

Duration: 1 year


Semester 1

Semester 2


Choose one of the following electives (Semester 2):

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management (PGDEM), the student should be able to:
learning outcome

Student Support

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education Management (PGDEM) is delivered through online learning and digital support.

nternational university in Mauritius

The guide includes:

In addition, students have access to:

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