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About our Postgraduate Programmes

Enhance your analytical thinking and problem-solving skill to enable you to excel in the local and global environment.

These Postgraduate programmes will equip students with advanced knowledge, skills and, competencies to be successful managers and leaders in the challenging and diverse environment in which they find themselves. Future employment or progression in management through the covering of essential business activities in managerial functions. Upon completion of the postgraduate diploma qualifications, students will be able to make informed decisions at the middle and senior levels of management.

Our postgraduate programmes have been designed based on popular fields of study in this rapidly developing environment. Thus, this offers employment opportunities in various private and public organisations around the world. We propose postgraduate programmes in Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Project Management, Business Management and Educational Management.

All our postgraduate programmes have been specially built for you while you are working. We make your study life easier while you are working through our 100% online programmes from MANCOSA and REGENT Business School.

Why Study Postgraduate Programmes with Honoris Educational Network?

Trendsetter in knowledge enhancement

Goal orientated learning environment

Highly Dedicated Staff

World-class academic standards

Industry relevant

Practical & theoretical knowledge mix

Our Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate programmes are generally multi- or interdisciplinary in nature but may serve to strengthen and
deepen the student’s knowledge in a particular discipline or profession.


Postgraduate Diplomas

Learning Outcomes of a Postgraduate Programme

Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Programme, the student should be able to:

Postgraduate Programmes
Postgraduate Programmes