REGENT Business School

Regent Business School's undergraduate programs, offered by Honoris Educational Network, give you all the flexibility and support you need to be successful in your personal development in a changing world.


Why choose REGENT Business School?

  • Relevant to the economic context of the business environment.

  • Based on Industry trends and needs

  • Benchmarked against sound business & accounting principles
  • Value to Organisations
  • Flexible Programme Delivery options
  • Easily accessible support
  • Builds a sustainable competitive advantage

About REGENT’s Programmes

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL, a higher education provider strives to deliver quality academic programmes that meet recognised academic standards to its students. It does this through ensuring that all REGENT’s programmes are developed internally by its professional team, in consultation with experts from business, and leading academics.

REGENT programmes are accessible competitive and industry leading. With us, you are not just choosing a university but a springboard that will launch you into professional success.


All the programmes are offered via Supported Distance Learning, which is ideal for the working adult. Workshops are carried out over the weekend. 

REGENT provides the learning with a student portal where study materials can be accessed and regular webinars are conducted to make the Learning Journey smoother.

Due to COVID-19, all classes until the end of the year 2021 will be delivered online through Microsoft Teams.

Our REGENT's Programmes

Designed to provide individuals and organisations with the management competencies and critical skills necessary to build and sustain competitive advantages in a rapidly changing and complex business environment.


Higher Certificates

Bachelor's Degree

Postgraduate Diploma

Master's Degree


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