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15 Weeks

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Price: Rs 60,000

10-15 hours / week

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is in a constant state of flux. While the foundational principles remain constant, staying on top of your game requires keeping up with the trends and constant new developments.

This course will take you from a competent digital marketer to an expert in the field. Learn how to take your digital marketing strategies to the next level, become more adept at mastering the algorithms and quirks of tech platforms, and ultimately drive greater ROI.

Individual Price Rs 65,000

HRDC Refundable

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Programme Structure of the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing​

Duration: 15 Weeks

Exclusive, original content: focused on future-proofing your success with learnings relevant to South Africa (within the international context), combined with critical human skills.

Enriched and jam-packed: with great case studies and value-boosting elements like tutorial videos and mastery sessions with industry giants (which you won’t get from our competitors).

Module 1: Market Research

  • Understand the importance of market research
  • Conduct strategic market research
  • Understand your audience and target market
  • Apply behavioural economic insights to your DM strategy

Module 2: Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Craft a digital marketing strategy
  • Choose the right tactics to implement that strategy
  • Determine your target audience
  • Plan an effective digital marketing campaign

Module 3: How SEO Affects Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Understand the complexities of SEO, and how to achieve high rankings for your website
  • Know what’s required for websites to maximise search engine visibility
  • Choose the right metrics for measuring your SEO initiatives
  • Appreciate the importance of optimised content to ensure visibility

Module 4: The Importance of UX for your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Understand why designing with the user in mind is critical to your business and digital marketing campaigns
  • Oversee the development of user-friendly digital assets, leading to improved conversions and brand affinity
  • Manage the design of digital experiences that make customers more likely to reach positively to your brand, and increase efficiency and positive outcomes

Module 5: Tracking & Analytics

  • Understand the importance of tracking for campaign optimisation
  • Select appropriate metrics and benchmarks
  • Use analytics tools to track website and campaign performance
  • Manage and monitor content produced
  • Generate data reports that underpin optimisation and strategic decisions

Module 6: Optimising your Campaigns 

    • Understand why optimisation is integral to your campaigns
    • Conduct effective campaign testing
    • Manage your bids to maximise your ad campaign budgets
    • Optimise your digital content
    • Optimise your website’s performance
    • Optimise the performance of different types of ad campaigns
    • Optimise social media platforms for the best performance

Module 1: Search Advertising 

  • Set up accounts and use paid search products
  • Understand how quality score and ad rank affect ad position
  • Select appropriate keywords for your campaign
  • Target your campaigns to the audiences’ position in the purchase funnel

Module 2: Display Advertising 

  • Explain what display advertising is
  • Describe and perform programmatic buying
  • Use your media strategy to inform your campaign plan
  • Target your ads to ensure maximum response
  • Execute your creative

Module 3: Social Media Advertising 

  • Create a social media ad that suits your audience, your objectives, and your brand
  • Use best practices for a number of platforms to create ads that resonate
  • Optimise your social media ads

Module 1: Content Marketing & Value 

  • Explain why content marketing is an important marketing avenue for your business
  • Define your brand specifically enough to help guide your content development
  • Understand your target audience well enough to guide what content you create
  • Start to implement content marketing

Module 2: Content Planning 

  • Create an effective content creation and distribution plan to ensure you’re distributing your content in the right places, at the right time
  • Conduct a content audit to see where your business and its content stands
  • Capitalise on a series of powerful online and offline channels to spread your content

Module 3: Creating Content 

    • Understand how brand content is planned and created
    • Use digital copywriting techniques and persuasive language
    • Create content for social media
    • Create blogs, podcasts, and videos

Module 1: Digital PR, CRM & Crisis Management 

    • Create a community management strategy
    • Conduct reputation and crisis management strategies
    • Set up social media for customer service

Weekly assignments build on each other (scaffold). Together with the final research project, the outcome will be a new set of skills and the know-how to implement immediately.

Learning Outcomes of the Digital Marketing: Professional Certification

Learn how to take your digital marketing strategies to the next level.

Study Digital Marketing: Professional Certification

Learn how to take your digital marketing strategies to the next level