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12 Weeks

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Price: Rs 40,000

8-10 hours / week

Graphic Design

Focused on graphic design specifically for online use. This 14-week course is for students with some graphic design background who are looking to tailor their design skills for online design. The course covers everything from design development for web, generating content (design & copy) and culminates with a beautifully designed and functional website. Photoshop Essentials with a 3-month license and eBook is included.

Individual Price Rs 43,000

HRDC Refundable

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Programme Structure of the Graphic Design

Duration: 12 Weeks

• The first week is dedicated to orientation. Students familiarise themselves with the online learning platform (virtual classroom) and meet the humans there to support them.
• Install Adobe Photoshop and start working through the Ebook and Tutorials.


• M1 takes you to step by step through the design development from unpacking a brief, doing research, ideation and prototyping. The assignment is a logo for a new business and creating an animated gif of your logo in Photoshop.


• M2 covers the how-to of planning and setting up a sitemap and then developing a wireframe for your website. The notes cover UX and UI for web design, including basic SEO principles, user flows and calls to action. The assignment is creating a sitemap and wireframe plan for your website.


• M3 covers images for web, from what types of image through to choosing great images for your website as well as best practice for file types and image optimization. Colour theory includes terminology, colour for web, and how to choose and use colour effectively in your design. The assignment covers colour games, colour palettes and a promotional online advert for an existing business. action. The assignment is creating a sitemap and wireframe plan for your website.

• M4 covers writing copy for websites, from home pages to contact pages. Writing copy that is engaging to your target market and encourages your clients to take action. The typography section covers type anatomy, theory, and designing with type as well as choosing and combining typefaces to effectively communicate your message in your design. The assignment includes typography games, and skills exercises where you explore type in Photoshop, you will also write your copy for your website and design a type-driven online poster with a call to action.


• M5 covers logo and branding, why it is important to have a great logo and strong brand. The notes cover how to choose a name and design an effective logo for your or a client’s company, and how to expand your branding beyond just a logo. The assignment gets you to conceptualize


• M6 covers content on web design with notes and videos taking you through a website builder, it covers start to finish of setting up your website with YOUR designs from this course. The assignment will be a complete

Learning Outcomes of the Graphic Design

This 12 week course is for students with some graphic design background who are
looking to tailor their design skills for online design.

Pre-Course Requirements

Most competitor courses have a sole-focus on either:

  1. the foundations of graphic design – assuming students are already familiar with the Adobe software, or
  2. teaching the Adobe software – while disregarding critical elements (like design development, copy, image, etc) that make for powerful design

Our course is different in that it provides a robust
introduction to both design as well as software, based on our extensive experience of (and reputation for) producing incredible designers from our fulltime programmes.

So, know that you’ll be learning from the best. But also that this course isn’t for everyone. Here’s a quick checklist of who is best suited, and what is needed to get the maximum benefit.


  • • A computer: essential for taking advantage of the 12-week Adobe Photoshop license (included in the price) and accessing the eBook, which teaches you how to use the software. Check out the system requirements here.
  • A scanner (or scanner app on your smartphone).
  • And sketching tools: A fineliner and some colour pencils for sketching and

Who should take this course?

Study Graphic Design

For ambitious creatives with a passion for online design