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10 Weeks

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Price: Rs 35,000

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Media Planning

This online course packs a hefty punch when it comes to learning about the pros and cons of traditional and digital media channels; what constitutes a robust media strategy; why it is so important to segment and understand your audience; and how to measure, optimise and report on performance.

It spans understanding the role of the various channels, the importance of an integrated approach, defining the audience, how best to connect with them, and measure performance to ascertain cost versus value.

Price Rs 35,000

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Programme Structure of the Media Planning

Duration: 10 Weeks

• Explain how the current media landscape affects customers
• Understand where advertising falls under the marketing umbrella
• Describe important touchpoints for your brand

• Focus on the most important consideration in any form of advertising you create (the customer!)
• List above-the-line channels and when you should use them
• Name below-the-line channels and when you should use them
• Figure out how to use ATL and BTL together to create unified communications

• Describe your target market using demographics and psychographics
• Understand segmentation and create customer personas
• Start researching and measuring your audiences

• Align your audience segmentation with your marketing objectives
• Determine your strategic priorities and align your campaigns to them
• Select the most appropriate channels for your marketing campaigns
• Understand the different online payment models

• Select traditional channels based on how they will contribute to your media mix
• Describe the process of using each channel
• Understand the importance of having channels work together

• Select online channels based on how they will contribute to your media mix
• Describe the process of using each channel
• Select a media mix based on which channels will work together well to achieve
your goals

• Pinpoint resources for your media project
• Manage your media budget
• Negotiate for and purchase media space

• Write and evaluate a media proposal
• Measure the performance of various media types
• Optimise your campaigns

What makes this course unique?

This course was originally developed for a multinational client, to help their teams understand the value of an integrated channel approach to marketing. The separation between ‘traditional’ and ‘digital’ advertising is a myth; all your channels and touchpoints need to be approached from the perspective of a holistic brand experience.

Consumers don’t separate digital, physical and broadcast touchpoints, and evaluate them as such – they regard them as proof points or deal breakers on a journey that either ends with brand loyalty (and commercial success) or disappointment.


Who should take this course?

Study Media Planning

Creating valuable brand experiences across all media touchpoints with an integrated approach