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About Product Management

You may have heard the phrase “most new products fail”, and it’s because of poor product management.

The principles of good product management extend from physical products to software, and truly excellent product managers know how to connect market needs with brilliant solutions. The result? Products that simply will not and do not fail. With Red & Yellow’s fresh new Product Management online short course you’ll learn how to manage products through each stage of the development process, from strategy and research to marketing and product liftoff.

Price Rs 35,000

HRDC Refundable

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Course Structure of the Product Management Course

Duration: 12 Weeks

Product managers are key role players in the process of realising product visions. In this module, we look at the role of product managers, and how this differs from the role of product owners and other related roles. This is a theoretical introduction.

In this module, we hone in on the product development life cycle, and how to manage each of its stages. Discover how prominent products are managed throughout their life cycles by engaging with contemporary case studies and exciting examples. This is a theoretical module.

In this module we look at ways in which to formulate a clear product strategy. Engage with best practice when strategising and learn to avoid the pitfalls. Learn how to use online tools that facilitate product management at the level of concept and strategy. This is a practical module.

This module will teach you how to build, navigate and manage a product roadmap that reflects the vision and direction of a product over time. This module also introduces you to online tools that support product roadmapping, such as Confluence and Notion. This is a practical module

In this module, you will learn how to leverage stories garnered from market research, customer interviews, and competitor research for impactful product value propositioning.
Also learn how to navigate useful online tools that support product storytelling. This is a practical module.

In large companies, product managers work closely with product marketers. In smaller companies, however, the two roles may overlap. In this module, you will discover useful
strategies for developing marketing content around a product, such as messaging for explainer videos, social media, websites, and white papers.

This module will teach you how to launch a product for maximum impact. Learn how to build launch-date momentum and launch-day activities, and work on support plans. This is a practical module, and will demonstrate the use of relevant online tools that support product liftoff.

This module is a brief overview of agile methodology in product management. In this module, you will learn the basics of managing a product through multiple iterations. This is a
practical module, and content will be supported by the demonstration of useful online tools.

What you'll learn

  • Navigate the product management landscape and learn the fundamental skills to establish yourself as a product manager.
  • Manage each stage of the product development life cycle.
  • Formulate a crystal-clear product strategy.
  • Create and manage a product roadmap.
  • Use storytelling in product propositioning.
  • Manage, market and launch a product for maximum impact.

Product Management Course

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Good product managers are individuals with a singular passion for connecting market needs with brilliant solutions