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About Supply Chain Management

These qualifications serve to provide students with the knowledge, cognitive and conceptual tools and practical techniques for Supply Chain Management.

Supply chain management is the flow on good and information from the point of origin to the consumer. They key features of a supply chain are Planning, Information, Sourcing, Inventory, Production, Location, Transportation and Return of Goods. The list in not exhaustive and can include other features depending on the type of business.

It is important for businesses to make the flow as efficient as possible so as to reduce delays and wastage, and to increase effectiveness and profitability. The better control a business has over this the better it will be able to maximise on the key features of the its supply chain. Supply chain management also entails the communication between supplier and customer.

Study Supply Chain Management and take your company or organisation to new heights


The Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management and the Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management, both from MANCOSA are offered via Supported Distance Learning, which is ideal for the working adult. Workshops are carried out over the weekend.

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Study Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain is ever increasing in terms of demand.

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