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What is the Referral Reward?

Having been part of the Honoris Educational Network (previously YKBS) family, students, alumni and lecturers have consistently referred other colleagues, families and friends to study with us. We appreciate this gesture. Through sharing your experiences with others, you offer encouragement, support and motivation to those who may just be starting out or who may have been stuck on their learning/career journey.

As a reward, we provide you with a deduction on your tuition fees if you are a current student or a cash reward if you are part of our alumni or lecturer at Honoris Educational Network. You can snowball on this reward with multiple referrals – the reward is additive for each referral that registers with us.

See below for the reward that you can expect for each referrals.


  1. The referral reward applies to the January 2022 intake.
  2. The reward is redeemable once the registered students has completed the first semester.
  3. The deduction in tuition fees is applicable at the last instalment or for the fees of subsequent years. If all fees had been paid in full, a refund will be made in cash.
  4. For lecturers and alumni, a cash reward is applicable or a reduction on fees of any subsequent programmes enrolled for.

Refer someone and get rewarded cumulatively

Current Student


Referral registrants for an Undergraduate programme

Current Student


Referral registrants for a Postgraduate programme





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