Prof Jaumally


Leadership, 21st Century Skills by Professor Reshad Jaumally, Chairman of Honoris Educational Network in Mauritius Current predictions posit that, by 2030, one in five people will be African. Already today half the continent is under the age of 20, and all 10 of the world’s youngest countries are in Africa. This translates into a mighty workforce for…

Choose an MBA

Expert Tips: How to choose an MBA that is right for you

Authors: Bakhetsile Mangena, Uduak Johnson, Debapriyo Nag How can you determine if you are choosing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) best-suited to your circumstances? Start by asking whether you need the degree to advance your career or if you just want an advanced degree for your personal satisfaction. Going for a degree more advanced than a bachelor’s…

risk management

Every firm faces risk, not all manage it effectively

The business climate is becoming more and more unpredictable, as such, more prone to risk. The success of any firm is dependent on an effective strategic approach to planning and execution as well as to managing risk. The significance of risk management cannot be overlooked post COVID-19. Uncertainty is at the heart of risk, as…

Adapting to a new world

Adapting to a New World

by Ahmed Shaikh, REGENT Business School Tectonic shifts have forced leadership at institutions to transform in innovative ways The world is in a vortex of the Covid-19 pandemic storm causing major disruptions that have dramatically affected the lives of myriad people in almost every nook and corner of the globe. The global pandemic and associated policies…

distance education

Distance Education – Joyful Educational Advancement

By Professor Zaheer Hamid, Academic Director at MANCOSA private higher education institution Distance education popularly known as correspondence education in the 1980’s was commonly understood as an individual learning from home using printed study materials.  Perhaps a bland and uninspiring learning journey, however many a person pursued this form of education due to limited opportunity…

managing global supply chain risk

Managing Global Supply Chain Risk

In the wake of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, global supply chains are facing an unprecedented and massive disruption. COVID-19 has led to nationwide lockdowns, causing distribution companies and suppliers in the chain to cease operations until further notice. Consequently, the impact is widespread, and many corporations are rethinking and remodelling their supply chain systems. Let…

overcoming the challenge of virtual learning

Overcoming the Challenges of Virtual Learning

Like many other industries, the education sector has also faced drastic changes with the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of this situation, virtual learning has been the norm for thousands of students in Mauritius for the past weeks, ranging from pre-primary to tertiary level.  While academic continuity is a necessity, students and tutors reacted differently…

mental health confinement

5 Hacks on Maintaining Your Mental Health during COVID-19 Confinement

The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted so many of us psychologically as individuals. Given the stream of pessimistic news about the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country and globally, we can feel perturbed. During these times, anxiety is an expected reaction since COVID-19 has reversed our lives, routines and more severely, has menaced…

time management

Time Management

Time Management is a skill, and practice is required. Don’t beat yourself up if you are still trying to get the hang of it. We have been given an exciting opportunity to work from home during this confinement period, so we understand that this experience is new to you and will require some adaptation. Let’s now focus on how you can manage…


Is a Master of Business Administration Worth the Investment?

Introduction to the Master of Business Administration Think MBA Think Global. Within this perspective, you will need a programme that can equip you with the knowledge and capacity to deal with the complexities of the global business environment. Over the years, one programme that has been sought and searched like the Holy Grail amongst the…

beat exam stress setup of laptop and open book for exams revisions

How to Beat Exam Stress

Exam Stress Exam season is around the corner, that being the case, having stress or anxiety is evident. However, it is important to note that high levels of stress can lead to burnout. You are stressed simply because you want to memorise everything, you want to score high grades, you are experiencing parental pressure, or…


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