business management done by a woman leaning on a table

Study Business Management: Why Should You Do It?

What is Business Management?   Business management is one of the popular choices of study not just globally, but in Mauritius as well, with an array of specialist pathways. Often, we hear about it being overrated, but if we look around us, businesses and small enterprises have been at the centre of our societies. This…


A day in the life of Akshada Bholah, MANCOSA MBA Alumna

Who is Akshada? Akshada is not in the typical white collar roles! Having graduated with Cum Laude for MANCOSA’s Master of Business Administration, Akshada has been able to steer her engineering career with a great sense of business acumen. Engineering has been traditionally a male-dominated profession, nonetheless, Akshada expresses high levels of interest in this…

women in the workplace

Female Representation in the Workplace and Society

Introduction Beyond the short- and medium-term objectives to achieve a more equitable representation between men and women in power and leadership, thinking about women’s governance should always bring us back to the original goals of women’s movements, that is gender equality. Often, women are categorised as a subordinate group as established by the society. Gender…

accounting and finance

The Battle between Accounting and Finance

The difference between finance and accounting might just be a matter of curiosity for some of us, but if you are about to choose a programme or career path, understanding the difference between the two is vital.   In the battle between finance and accounting, one must understand that both fields fall under the same category…

marketing jobs of the future

What are the marketing jobs of the future?

The rise of Digital Marketing certainly did give birth to a brand-new era in career prospects for graduates from many fields. From paid media marketing to the rise of Instagram influencers, a whole new world of opportunity was unlocked. However, the pace at which this landscape changes and evolves is also blinding. This is why…

Benefits of an MBA

Top Benefits of an MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree is notably one of the most prestigious masters’ degrees in business. The programme is of benefit and has become a huge enhancement to MBA graduate’s careers and salaries. With the inclusion of technology and innovation, MBA graduates have become one of the most recruited applicants in industries across all sectors….

Online Courses

Are Online Courses Worth It? Everything You Need to Know

Education is arguably the fundamental gateway to success by means of knowledge and skills transfer. With global institutions now offering an array of online courses and programmes, it offers ambitious people new opportunities to expand their knowledge and expertise, thus making them more employable in South Africa’s competitive workforce. Likewise, specialised online courses are designed to provide…

Prof Jaumally


Leadership, 21st Century Skills by Professor Reshad Jaumally, Chairman of Honoris Educational Network in Mauritius Current predictions posit that, by 2030, one in five people will be African. Already today half the continent is under the age of 20, and all 10 of the world’s youngest countries are in Africa. This translates into a mighty workforce for…

Choose an MBA

Expert Tips: How to choose an MBA that is right for you

Authors: Bakhetsile Mangena, Uduak Johnson, Debapriyo Nag How can you determine if you are choosing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) best-suited to your circumstances? Start by asking whether you need the degree to advance your career or if you just want an advanced degree for your personal satisfaction. Going for a degree more advanced than a bachelor’s…

risk management

Every firm faces risk, not all manage it effectively

The business climate is becoming more and more unpredictable, as such, more prone to risk. The success of any firm is dependent on an effective strategic approach to planning and execution as well as to managing risk. The significance of risk management cannot be overlooked post COVID-19. Uncertainty is at the heart of risk, as…


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