Bridging the Gap: Commonalities in South African and European Degree

In today’s rapidly evolving globalised world, tertiary education has become a vital steppingstone towards a successful career. Students have an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to higher education institutions and degree programmes. In Mauritius, our institution takes pride in providing students with access to esteemed degree programmes crafted by reputable institutions such as MANCOSA and REGENT Business School based in South Africa. In this blog, we will delve into the striking similarities between the degrees offered by these South African institutions and universities around the world.

Quality and Accreditation

One of the primary concerns for students is the quality and credibility of the degrees they pursue. Like European Universities, South African degree programmes feature ambitious standards of education, ensuring students receive a top-notch learning experience. MANCOSA and REGENT Business School, are accredited by their respective education authorities, in their country of origin, assuring students that their degrees hold national and international recognition.

Diverse Range of Programmes 

Another aspect where South African degrees align with Europe, or other countries around the world, is in the wide range of programmes they offer. Whether it is Administration, Accounting, IT (Information Technology), Education, or Management students can choose from an array of fields that cater to their interests and career aspirations. This diversity allows students to find their niche and develop expertise in their chosen area of study. 

Experienced and Qualified Faculty 

A critical factor in the quality of education lies in the expertise of the faculty members. MANCOSA and REGENT Business School take pride in their highly qualified and experienced professors. These educators bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, nurturing students’ intellectual growth and grooming them to become future leaders in their respective fields. Like European degrees, the classes are followed via a Learning Management System. 

Emphasis on Practical Learning 

Through internships, projects, case-studies and hands-on training, students get a taste of real-world scenarios, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and adaptability. This approach equips students with the skills and competencies necessary to excel in the real world. This emphasis on practical learning is observed across Both South African and European institutions as they prioritize practical learning experiences to supplement theoretical knowledge. 

Global Exposure and Diversity 

A significant advantage of pursuing degrees from South African institutions is the exposure to a culturally diverse environment. Universities in these regions attract students from various corners of the world, fostering an inclusive and enriching learning atmosphere. This international exposure allows students to develop a global mindset and expand their horizons. As part of the SADC, Mauritius shares historical and cultural ties with Southern African countries. Students from Mauritius can find the cultural and geographic proximity to be reassuring.  

Cost of Education 

Generally, studying in South Africa might be more cost-effective for Mauritian students than pursuing a degree in Europe. Tuition fees from South African institutions can be comparatively lower, making education more accessible to students from Mauritius. With online distance learning opportunities from MANCOSA and REGENT Business School, this can be a good factor to consider.


Degrees offered by South African institutions like MANCOSA and REGENT Business School, and European universities share many similarities. Students can expect high-quality education, diverse programme options, experienced faculty, emphasis on practical learning, global exposure, and research opportunities. The decision to choose a higher education institution boils down to individual preferences, career goals, and personal aspirations. As a tertiary education provider in Mauritius, our aim is to empower students with access to the best educational opportunities, allowing them to chart their path to success confidently.