If you’re thinking of taking your supply chain management degree to the next level and studying towards an honours degree, you probably have a lot of doubts about whether this is a wise career choice.

This article will cover all the information you need to know about supply chain management, including the kinds of jobs you can get, typical business problems, and the abilities you will develop by earning a qualification in the subject.

Duties of Supply Chain Manager

You will be in charge of directing and organizing significant facets of the franchise’s supply chain as a supply chain manager (SCM). You will be a part of every step of getting things to clients, from acquiring raw materials to shipping out finished goods.

Additionally, you will need to analyze data and procedures to raise the caliber and effectiveness of the supply chain.

Your duties will primarily involve:

  • Interacting with suppliers and vendors
  • Negotiating with transportation service providers about rates and ensuring appropriate export and import procedures are being respected
  • The creation and maintenance of supply chain strategy. This entails managing and directing production processes as well as doing regular performance reviews.
  • Creating clear KPIs and reporting features for effective inventory control and risk evaluation.
  • Managing labour cost, inventory planning, employee efficiency, and operational and safety standards.


What types of jobs are available to those with a supply chain degree?

If you have a qualification in Supply Chain Management, you will be eligible to work in various additional roles in addition to a supply chain manager.

These positions include:

  • Industry analyst
  • Project manager
  • Global logistics manager
  • Transportation director
  • Purchasing manager
  • Operations director
  • Supply chain sales
  • Supply chain consultant

Is Supply Chain Management a lucrative profession?

Compared to other management roles, supply chain management is a great career choice.

Furthermore, there is a lot of possibility for advancement because many supply managers advance to senior or even director positions and earn more money as their years of experience increase.

Students who have a degree in supply chain management typically qualify for senior and director positions far earlier in their careers.

What qualifications are required of workers in logistics and supply chain management?

Here are a few of the key competencies required of supply chain and logistics managers.

  • Project management (PM)

You’re going to need a distinct set of project management skills depending on the leadership position you’re in. Personal organization skills, risk management abilities, and negotiation abilities to ensure that budgets and timelines are met are the most typical Project Management talents for a supply chain manager.

  • Technical and digital understanding

More than ever, the world is digital. To keep ahead of the competition, you must understand how specific technology and digital programs operate. Additionally, you will also need to learn about automation so that your business processes can run faster to keep up with customer demand.

  • Financial acumen

Making ensuring that budgets aren’t exceeded and profits are realized is a significant aspect of your job as a supply chain manager. In order to maximize profits and minimize losses, you must be able to make wise decisions. You must have accounting knowledge and report-writing skills.

  • Business ethics

The staff members working for you must be able to look up to you as an example in order to preserve a pleasant work environment. You can inspire other staff members and motivate them to produce better work by acting with professionalism, respect, discipline, and timeliness.

Study Supply Chain Management

Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management

The Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management offers a combination of theory and practice in the area of supply chain management.

Bcom In Supply Chain Management

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Supply Chain Management is a 3-years programme that has been designed to cater for the fast pace of business and the continued integration of world economies.