The rise of Digital Marketing certainly did give birth to a brand-new era in career prospects for graduates from many fields. From paid media marketing to the rise of Instagram influencers, a whole new world of opportunity was unlocked. However, the pace at which this landscape changes and evolves is also blinding. This is why it is important to take notice of new waves and trends in marketing. Not just for agencies and specialists, but as future graduates who could be taking on some of the most exciting future jobs. Here are 3 future marketing jobs that will no doubt become incredibly prolific:

1. Content Historian

Many brands and organisations are moving into their 2nd or maybe even 3rd decade of through-the-line marketing campaigns. This means it is going to become increasingly difficult to answer questions like: “what social media assets accompanied this campaign” or “what was that vlog we did on user experience?” Content historians will be tasked with holding all of the content ever created and keeping in an archival system that is readily on call.

2. Augmented Reality Producer

Augmented reality is certainly poised to become a multi-billion-dollar marketing industry. In retail alone, the market is already over-saturated and traditional marketing methods are just drowned out. This dynamic alternate approach to catching consumers attention leaves a lot of scope for experience producers. This technology can be used across the board, from virtually trying on lipsticks to showcasing home renovations.

3. Automation Manager

The Internet of Things means that consistent integration and accessibility has become key to any thriving business in today’s market. This means that entities are going to be looking to embrace automation (and someone to specifically manage it) in much higher volumes moving forward. Adopting new tools, training, and measuring performance internally will be one priority for this job role. Streamlining marketing efforts and maintaining consistent quality and service will be another.

The marketing space, which of course is an ever-shifting field, can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling. Similarly, as marketing tools and strategies evolve, so must the roles and responsibilities of marketers. Regardless of the future roles unlocked by new consumer behaviours and advancements in technology, consistently evaluating opportunities within your skillsets can really get you ahead. If you would like to further your proficiencies with a Marketing Management qualification, speak to one of our friendly student advisors for support!