Risk Management (Postgraduate Diploma)

  • Equips students to change business environment to drive growth
  • Develop an advanced understanding of business management

1 Year
NQF Level 8
120 credits
Supported distance learning

About The Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management

The Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management from MANCOSA facilitates a streamlined approach needed by organisations to combat the broad negative effects of risks that are unforeseen while strengthening and deepening knowledge in an existing qualification. This will allow graduates to be able to anticipate problems, develop risk identification and control programs aimed at minimising risk resulting in a comprehensive and valid report through developing and analysing a model to implement quantitative risk management methodologies.

This Risk Management programme seeks to address the dearth of qualifications in risk management in the industry. Furthermore, it seeks to facilitate and build upon existing knowledge for those already finance professionals; an entrepreneur; a manager or an employer with risk management needs.


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Who Should Attend

Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management

The programme is directed at those with existing vocational qualifications, wishing to gain entry into postgraduate study, as well as those with technical qualifications seeking to enter into management positions. Graduates will develop the skills required to effectively perform key risk management tasks. Through coursework, the programme will build skills by taking a holistic approach and covering the core components in risk management.

Career Opportunities

Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management

  •  Risk Control Officer
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance Manager
  • Enterprise Risk Management Consultant

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent NQF level 7 qualification


Four modules are assessed per semester. All the four modules are assessed in the formative assessment format.

Programme Structure

Duration: 1 year

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Risk Management Framework and Measuring
  • Risk Modelling
  • Corporate Governance, Ethics and Risk

Semester 2

  • Strategic Management
  • Forensic Auditing
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Project Communication and Risk Management

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management, the student should be able to:
  • Understand the evolution and importance of establishing a risk management culture;
  • Display an understanding of the risk management framework and risk specific modelling as a means of assessing risk so as to promote and grow the organisation;
  • Employ integrated knowledge to solve complex risk management problems in an organisation and pose viable solutions;
  • Identify and mitigate risk relating to an individual project or organisation as a whole;
  • Understand the role of management and leadership in organisational success;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of varying risks within the different corporate levels of an organisation
  • Engage in self-directed learning;
  • Possess the ability to identify and manage the various types of fraud that is prevalent within an organisational context;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of ethics, compliance and accountability and
  • Apply the concepts of risk mapping and risk modelling to process information for decision making.

Student Support

The Postgraduade Diploma in Risk Management is delivered through online learning and digital support.

The guide includes:

  • Compulsory readings
  • Self-study activities
  • Tutorial Letters
  • Assessment Exercises

In addition, students have access to:

  • Online Journals
  • Past examination papers
  • Supplementary learning materials available

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