The pandemic continues to disrupt all the spheres and higher education seems to be adopting online teaching on a long term. A year ago, we were declared in a state of sanitary crisis, where every activity had to be moved online or be digitised. A year later, online activities have gained incredible importance in our lives. At Honoris Educational Network, all the workshops have been migrated onto an online platform where no physical contact would happen and safety could be maintained. However, is online learning effective, especially to those who are in their final academic year of study and at the same time are working professionals?

To find out, we asked few of our students about what they think of this practice. Read on to know about their feelings.

The transition from traditional to online learning at Honoris has made studying easier for me. It allows me to attend my lectures from any location and from any device. Studying at Honoris has given me the opportunity to cope with my work schedule without disruptions. Since the workshops are also recorded, I have the chance to catch up with my lectures at any point in time. The COVID-19 crisis has created many challenges for institutions around the island. But I must say, I am very fortunate that I am able to attend all my lectures online without any difficulties.
arvin ramdin
Arvin Ramdin
BCom Marketing Management, MANCOSA
Honoris Educational Network has been very helpful in my education journey. The institution encourages students to develop and enhance their skills. During the current pandemic and lockdown period, Honoris has been very supportive and provided uninterrupted services, therefore allowing us to pursue our studies without any issues with the online learning platform. Online learning works perfectly for me as a student working full time, it helps us interact with our lecturers anytime, listen to our recorded classes and have all our learning materials in one place. I am proud to be part of the Honoris family.
BCom Information and Technology Management, MANCOSA
I personally find online learning very effective as I'm achieving my career goals. Another advantage is that it helps me attend classes from any location of my choice. In addition, online lectures are recorded and can be accessed later on if I could not attend the class.
BCom Human Resource Management, MANCOSA
Online courses offer the necessary technological facilities for students to accomplish their goals. Study becomes more flexible. Learning becomes more user friendly as all materials needed are online and centralised on one platform. Recorded workshops can be viewed any time and personally, my student learning process has become easier as I can learn at my own pace within the comfort of my home with greater ability to concentrate.
The Rise of Online Learning for Academic Continuity: What Our Students Have to Say
BCom Supply Chain Management, MANCOSA

Online learning has become a well-established model of studying, which brings academic standards and provides students with quality educational experiences. You have heard it from themselves, Honoris’ students, who are better able to manage their work-study life with the advantages of online learning.

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