The concept of education has changed dramatically over the last few years. Many questions are being raised as to what the best mode of instruction is with available technologies. But what if we tell you that online distance learning is not as new of a concept as you think?

Honoris Educational Network has built its success solely on supported distance learning for 20 years. The institution has given the opportunity to people from around the globe to boost their career and upskill wherever they are. Following the paradigm shift that COVID-19 has brought into the education sector, and the massive strides in technology accessibility and development, the debate of whether online learning is the next big transformation in education is no longer a question… online learning is here to stay!

Online Distance Learning is Here to Stay

Who Can Benefit From Online Distance Learning?

Every adult, at any stage in life, has something to gain from education. For those who want to increase their knowledge and expertise regarding a specific skill set, online distance courses can be helpful. Online learning is also a considerable option for those with a lifelong goal of continuing to learn. Most employers look for candidates who can demonstrate their desire and openness to grow through learning. Ultimately, this makes them more marketable in the workforce.  

More institutions and organizations are embracing the benefits of online learning for students. This is helping professionals maintain their competitive edge.

Advantages of Online Learning

The benefits of online learning are obvious: time flexibility, convenience, the added benefit of acquiring new skills without interrupting your daily activities. Additionally, there is the opportunity to study from any location. We have identified a few key advantages.

Higher ROI

If you pursue a fully online degree programme at an accredited recognized institution like MANCOSA or REGENT Business School, you will receive the same high-quality education as their on-campus peers but with an added benefit. You can cut down on expenses which may otherwise incur like transportation, relocation to on-campus housing, and even fees facilities. 

Wide selection of programmes

In a space as vast and wide as the internet, there are infinite skills and subjects to teach and learn. A growing number of universities are offering online versions of their programmes for various levels and disciplines. From studying music to quantum physics, there exists a suitable option for every type of student. This way, online learning gives you the peace of mind of getting an official certificate, diploma, or degree without physically being on-campus.


Online distance learning has been developed for its convenience and true flexibility for every student, regardless of style and preference. For those who are already working, have children, or any other responsibilities, it is much easier to take a virtual course rather than committing to a more traditional method of face-to-face education. Moreover, while many universities offer online courses where the teacher and students are present at the same time (live classes), there are also virtual course options that enable you to attend class from anywhere, at any time, accommodating your busy lifestyle. It’s really up to you to choose what works best for you.

Online Distance Learning is Here to Stay

Future of Online Education

With technology evolving by the day, this inevitably means that online learning will continue to improve aspects of traditional learning. As the younger generation is getting accustomed to using the internet to seek information, this is inevitably impacting the way that they digest and absorb information. Owing to the considerable rise in online learning, it is becoming a prominent way of gaining an education. In a society that is becoming reliant on technology, it only makes sense for online education to develop into the predominant way of learning and become the ‘new normal’ in terms of education.

In a nutshell, a good majority of students nowadays think that online learning is the same – or even better – than the traditional classroom experience. You should assess your unique situation and decide according to your needs and goals, and while this alternative to traditional education is not for everyone, it’s still a convenient option with virtually endless options for international students all over the world.

Let us harness the power of technology!