Choosing Honoris Educational Network and the Bcom in Human Resource Management

In 2018, I joined the company Colbert Service Centre, a french accounting firm as Junior Accountant.

After 6 months, I decided to start my course in Bcom Human Resource Management at Honoris Educational Network in partnership with MANCOSA.

Facilities given by Honoris Educational Network
Raaidah Elaheebocus – Alumna – Bcom Human Resource Management
  • Relevant Topics towards Professional Development
  • Career Path Development 
  • Amazing student support
Her Journey with Honoris Educational Network

The staff of Honoris Educational Network has supported me a lot during these three years.

How the Bcom Human Resource Management will contribute in her career path?

I began the path and after one and a half years, in December 2020, I was promoted to senior accountant. I continued pursuing my studies part-time and applied what I learned in my job.
After completing my degree in Dec 2021, I have been promoted to Supervisor.

What helped me to progress was that I learned a lot from taking this course. Also, the topics and assignments were relevant to my professional development and the goals of the course components were clear

She 100% recommends Honoris Educational Network and its programmes to Everyone.