A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree with a variety of combination of specialisation provides students with a broad foundation in business and commerce. This versatile degree can open-up a variety of career paths, including roles in government, non-profit organisations, and the private sector.

In the Mauritian job market, a BCom General degree is highly valued by employers. Here are some reasons why:

A versatile skillset: With a BCom General degree, students can choose their own combination of skillsets that they want to study based on the industry they work or want to work in. This includes a selection of 2 of the following: Economics, Accounting, Project Management, Health Management, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Digital Leadership, Retail Management, Digital Marketing, and Business Intelligence.

High demand for business graduates: There is a high demand for graduates with business degrees in Mauritius. Many industries require employees with a strong foundation in business and commerce.

Opportunities for growth and development: A BCom General degree can provide graduates with opportunities for growth and development in their chosen fields. Graduates can pursue further education, professional certifications, or specialisations within their field.

Entrepreneurial opportunities: With the knowledge and skills gained through a BCom General degree, graduates can also consider starting their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is a growing trend in Mauritius, and a BCom General degree can provide the foundation needed to succeed in this area.

The BCom General degree is highly valued in the Mauritian job market. With a versatile skillset and a wide range of career paths available, a BCom General degree can open-up new opportunities and broaden your horizons in the world of business and commerce