At the heart of a business, Operations Management deals with the efficient management, control, and supervision of goods, services, and customer satisfaction. It impacts every industry and functional areas, as it constitutes of the final destination where the product or service delivery is to be done.

In the healthcare industry for instance, operations management ensures that the right instruments are used at the right moment to provide proper health care. It also assists nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other health officials in providing prompt service. Another example would be a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company where goods have been discharged by ships to warehouses to be made available to customers. Operations Management ensures that products are delivered in a timely and effective manner, and schedules what must be done and how firms achieve more with Operations Management, and productivity rises. Therefore, this function provides a multitude of advantages.


Key Advantages of Effective Operations


  1. Product Quality

  2. The operations management unit is the first unit in a typical company to test a product’s durability and reliability. Operations management ensures the quality of products or items delivered to clients, both during and after delivery. When you have a high-quality product, you definitively have an advantage over your competition.

  3. Productivity

  4. Productivity is defined as the ratio of input to output and is the only way to validate employees’ input. Operations management ensures that employees are appropriately staffed to achieve the best possible results. Effective operations management is the only way to ensure productivity.

  5. Customer Satisfaction

  6. Customer Satisfaction may rely directly or indirectly on operations management. A perfectly satisfied customer is the best reward a management or an employee can have. Operations management correctly ensures this, along with a high-quality product. Customers drive an organisation’s success, and they must be treated well in every way possible.

  7. Reduced Operating Cost

  8. Through productivity, quality products and customer satisfaction, cost incurred on products servicing is maximally reduced – thus resulting in increased revenue. Only operations management can make this happen. Waste is also reduced as part of the process of lowering operating costs. Proper operations management also ensures that the exact number/size of products requested is produced.

How can an MBA help managers thrive in Operations Management?

Operations is of course an essential part of running any business, and it’s worth noting that obtaining skills in this area can make you a better manager. Even more nowadays, where businesses look for executives that have a holistic understanding of the business, which includes operations. Operations knowledge can also help executives without a grounding in the discipline to get further along in their careers. As an operations manager, you will communicate with individuals from various fields such as engineering, marketing, research, and business.

An MBA provides you with the technical knowledge you need by addressing the principles of numerous operations management topics. Capacity planning, supply chain management, and inventory management are just a few of these sectors. A master’s degree will also provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge of the field, real-world business experience and highlights industry trends. With an MBA, you will be prepared to take on inventory, supply chain, and logistics difficulties and challenges.

What Gives the MANCOSA MBA an Edge?

The MANCOSA MBA has a curriculum that gets you a comprehensive idea about the essentials of finance, marketing, operations, logistics, among other things – all extremely important from a managerial point of view. But it does not stop with theories or some other form of bookish knowledge. You will be able to get hands-on training, interact with corporate leaders and gain from their immense reserve of experience and associated knowledge.

Pursuing the MANCOSA MBA equips you with the skills to understand your market and target them through specific initiatives. It gives you the skills to understand the working of the operations at your company more comprehensively and then make adequate interventions to ensure optimum performance.