The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree is notably one of the most prestigious masters’ degrees in business. The programme is of benefit and has become a huge enhancement to MBA graduate’s careers and salaries. With the inclusion of technology and innovation, MBA graduates have become one of the most recruited applicants in industries across all sectors. It has also become one of the most effective ways to boost one’s career and earnings in the business world, opening doors to greater opportunities for graduates across the globe.

MANCOSA MBA graduates have cemented their enhanced skills and abilities into the business world. They have secured high-profile positions, influenced policy and changed the status quo in entrepreneurship. The MBA programme will boost prospective students’ career prospects and fast track their career development process by developing their business, managerial, networking and leadership skills. Beyond the skills that might be acquired through participation in this masters programme, the focus of gaining an MBA is to also enhance entrepreneurial skills.

Yes, an MBA is Worth It! Find Out Why

An MBA is one of the top degrees that many business professionals aspire to achieve. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) Corporate Recruiters Survey in 2019, 86% of companies surveyed either agreed or strongly agreed that business school graduates were well-prepared for success in their firm.

The Industries That Have the Most Confidence in MBA Graduates Are:

Top Benefits of an MBA
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Technology
  • Healthcare

Business school is a great way to retrain or pivot your career towards one of these industries. In addition to the global business opportunities, flexibility and enhanced career prospects, the average starting MBA salary far surpasses what graduates earn before completing their MBA Degree.

The value of an MBA is directly linked to your reasons for undertaking it. Without a solid plan, an MBA is nothing but an ineffective magic wand. With a plan, your MBA becomes an incredible tool towards realising your business or career goals.

There are two sides to the coin of the worth of an MBA. The first is your resolve about what you want to gain from it, while the other is the value that the institution of your choice adds.

Everything being equal, an MBA can yield incredible results in your:

  • Personal development
  • Career advancement
  • Salary enhancement

Without the right mindset and plan, the road to an MBA may become slightly difficult, and the certificate itself may seem worthless. Needless to say, your time, energy and money spent on it may seem wasted. With the right determined mindset and plan, you should be set for success.

The Top 7 Benefits of an MBA

Top Benefits of an MBA

The core purpose of an MBA Degree is holistic training for people to be able to run a company in every way. No other qualification claims to accomplish this feat. That is one reason why the MBA Degree is not for everyone. It is challenging enough since you have to study different aspects of business, some of which you might be considering for the first time. The MBA trains you as a professional executive, who has a global vision for the business, to find innovative solutions to problems. In accomplishing this, it benefits the successful graduate in many ways, including the following:


One of the many advantages of an MBA is its anticipated financial benefits in the forms of higher incomes, bonuses, and associated benefits. The qualification is most likely to bring about a promotion at your current job. An MBA Degree can enhance your chances of a career change with a significant pay increase. Most employers reward skills that uplift the work environment and the quality of work. The global exposure of an MBA and the networking that students gain with their colleagues, staff, and alumni also facilitate these opportunities.

Time management and self-discipline

Whether you are studying for an MBA full-time or part-time, the requirements of your studies force you to better manage your time amid competing interests. Associated with time management is self-discipline. These skills are developed as you better appreciate your capabilities and acknowledge your limitations. You learn when to take necessary breaks, even under pressure. Such self-knowledge and time management brings greater efficiency.

Strategic thinking and versatility

The requirements of the specialised MBA Degree is sure to enhance your strategic thinking ability. This rare skill enables you to think unconventionally and consider different available options while making important decisions. It allows you to map out a plan on how to respond to situations based on experience, present circumstances and innovative projections about the future. This is an important component needed to enhance your career opportunities. Moreover, it is a transferable skill that is worthwhile in public, private and business life.

Credibility in business

The MBA is one of the best credentials that you can showcase regarding your competence for the job that you are interested in. It is a certification that shows you can handle business. Your employer is surely not gambling on employing you because you have sufficient industry experience, a good network and are familiar with theories and new trends in the field of business. You are versatile enough to apply your management skills across disciplines. Furthermore, it sets your CV apart in the mind of an employer amongst others who are competing for a similar job. The same goes for an investor who may be considering funding your business endeavour.

Increased self-confidence

One outcome of your credibility being endorsed by the MBA Degree is your increased sense of self-confidence. Despite its incredible value, self-confidence is very underestimated in one’s professional life. Marjorie DeGraca cites a survey of MBA graduates on the perceived costs and benefits of their professional degree. Surprisingly, increased self-confidence emerged among the highest-weighing and most important non-financial benefits of an MBA. Indeed, having achieved the highest qualification for any business executive, the sense of achievement is likely to bring self-confidence. This confidence is a double-edged sword, which will prompt you to be continuously knowledgeable of new innovations in business.


With credibility and self-confidence, you join a network of MBA holders. Besides your knowledge scope, this masters degree also expands your connections as you interact with fellow students of similar aspirations from different walks of life. Faculty and alumni can also be very resourceful. Moreover, joining the league of other MBA graduates around the world is in itself a prestigious networking opportunity.


The culmination of all the other benefits of an MBA Degree is the leadership skills that it produces in a graduate. The world is in dire need of credible leaders in both the public and private sectors. It is not enough to have innate leadership traits. These traits need to be developed and enhanced with theory and practised through experience. The MBA programme offers you an opportunity to re-evaluate your leadership capabilities by putting them to the test. It allows you to examine your past experience, and as you develop your creativity, emotional intelligence and ethical/critical thinking as you study an MBA, you immerge as a high-quality leader.

Standout With an Accredited MBA Degree

MANCOSA’s MBA Degree is an excellent choice for those with an ambitious mindset who are seeking to succeed in the business world. You will benefit from the following

Benefits of Getting an MBA From an Accredited Business School:

  • Post-MBA salaries have shown a significant jump than the Pre MBA salary figures.
  • MBA is a desirable qualification amongst employers across a variety of sectors.
  • An MBA provides transferable skills and hands-on experience to candidates, thus providing the graduates with better opportunities to make career changes or to seek out alternate career paths.
  • An MBA helps graduates quickly adapt to changing marketplace conditions by equipping themselves with the necessary skill sets.
  • MBA opens up opportunities in the form of diverse career paths to alumni, thus preparing them for a challenging and satisfying career ahead of them.

Successful Mauritians With an MBA

Many successful Mauritians CEOs and company heads have a Masters of Business Administration. Some of these include:

Name Company
Vinay Kanhye Founder of V Kanhye Health Foods Co Ltd 
Stephane St Mart CEO of Apave Group
Ismaël Essackjee Senior Engineer at CEB

Study an MBA With MANCOSA

The distinctive value and benefits of a business qualification such as the MBA has been documented for over 30 years and its brand value continues to increase year in and year out. While the master’s programme is known to be amongst the most expensive of higher education qualifications, the MANCOSA MBA Degree is known to be affordable, accessible and accredited.

Our MBA alumni have become a source of inspiration and encouragement to prospective students. The student population of MBA graduates has included a large pool of millennials who have increased the knowledge and skills of 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) developed teaching and learning programmes. Fast-track your career when you visit our MBA programme page for more information and make an enquiry with our dedicated support team to learn how you can secure your future with an MBA Degree in South Africa.

Authors: Debapriyo Nag and others