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Study Business Management: Why Should You Do It?

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business management done by a woman leaning on a table

What is Business Management?


Business management is one of the popular choices of study not just globally, but in Mauritius as well, with an array of specialist pathways. Often, we hear about it being overrated, but if we look around us, businesses and small enterprises have been at the centre of our societies. This blog talks about the versatility of business management courses and giving you reasons why you should study one.

Broadly, business management has to do with planning, organising, directing and controlling the resources of the company efficiently to meet the needs of customers at a profit. By pursuing a business management degree, you are able to understand the different areas pertaining to operations, marketing, finance, procurement, people management amongst others. However, business management is much more than that in the 21st century. One must learn about the multiple skills such as:

  • Critical and strategic thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Decision-making

Nonetheless, acquiring these skills will not be enough, you need to work on honing them and pay attention to how they can impact your job performance and employability opportunities.


A degree in business management is relevant just about anywhere. The skills are transferrable, which means that they will be useful across many different industries, giving you flexibility to shift to a different industry or role. Since products and services are exchanged in every corner of the country and worldwide, you can take your business skills anywhere and everywhere you want. Whether you want to pursue your dream of becoming an entrepreneur or want to work in a big corporation, the exciting part of moving into the realm of business management is, after all, its dynamism and ability to drive innovation.

Pathway of Business Management

If you are getting started or aiming to acquire advanced skills in this field, here is the route to achieve your career goals:

Higher Certificate

The higher certificate in business management is an excellent way for you to broaden your understanding of the intrinsic functions of business management such as finance, communications and marketing.

Duration:  1 Year

In- demand fields to choose from:

Bachelor Degree

The programme aims at developing your intellectual ability, executive personality, and managerial skills.

Duration: 3 Years

Various fields :

Postgraduate Diploma

The programme aims to develop conceptual understanding, synthesis and critical application of management theory for people with appropriate experience who wish to progress in their management career.

Duration:  1 Year

In- demand fields to choose from:

Master Degree

The MBA concentrates on management in a rapidly changing, information-rich global marketplace. The programme aims to develop conceptual understanding, synthesis and critical application of management theory for people with appropriate experience who wish to progress in their management career.

Duration:  1.5 Years

Are you ready to study Business Management?

Once you have made the decision to study a business management degree, you will need to decide where. MANCOSA and Regent Business School, make great choices for you to start your academic journey. With out distance learning courses, students can reap the benefits of staying in full time employment, while studying.

Honoris Educational Network has been trusted by 2000+ alumni since our start in 2002. In December 2020, we have been voted the Best Educational Establishment by Mauritius Business Awards. This makes us a great partner to kickstart your academic plan. Certificates from our awarding bodies, both MANCOSA and Regent Business School, are internationally recognised. With their career centres, you can build your network.

At Honoris, we believe that soft skills is as important as theoretical and practical skills. We have developed the 21st Century Skills Certificate based on current in-demand soft skills. When you register on any programme, you automatically qualify to undertake this certificate at your own pace online. Check out what the certificate cover in the video below


Finally, a degree in business management allows you to pursue other specialist courses according to the trends and prepares you for a variety of different possible career paths – and with a degree in business management or administration, you will always be in demand.


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